TikTok bets on interactivity to drive ad conversions: The platform released a slew of new ad formats that aim to keep users engaged.

Prime Video bets content will draw international viewers: Amazon’s streaming service is investing to create regional shows in Europe and Asia.

Among US Netflix subscribers who share their account with others, nearly half said they’d very likely cancel their subscription if the platform began charging them extra for sharing it. An additional 28% said they’d be somewhat likely to delete their accounts, while just 27% say they would stay subscribed.

CNN+ was doomed from the start: The much-discussed news streaming service is shutting down after reports that it couldn’t attract subscribers.

This year, Peacock will hit 64.3 million US viewers, up 25.0% from 51.5 million the year before. The Comcast-owned streaming platform will continue to grow as it rivals established competitors.

Subscriber flight costs Netflix $50 billion in value: Streaming giant suffers worst loss in over a decade and risks losing more users by spending less on original content, charging more for shared passwords, and introducing ad-supported tiers.

Netflix is the final domino to fall in streaming’s advertising pivot: The company’s shocking loss of 200,000 subscribers means big changes are coming.

HBO Max’s subscriber bump reverses Netflix-induced anxiety: The streamer’s success shows blockbuster content and accessible pricing is key.

Despite the stagnation of the traditional TV market, US TV screen advertising will grow by over $14 billion in the next four years. Viewing patterns are shifting toward digital as more Americans continue to cut the cord and move to connected TVs and streaming services.

On today's episode, we discuss how public service broadcasters can compete with the global streaming behemoths, how ad-free digital video options are disrupting things for marketers, and what the connected TV advertising landscape looks like. Join our analyst Bill Fisher as he hosts analysts Karin von Abrams and Paul Briggs.

Streaming viewers care more about cost and exclusivity: A survey from Fandom shows consumers are more cost-conscious but don’t want to miss out on new content.

May’s TV upfronts will be a testing ground for fractured measurement: New measurement solutions are focusing on multimedia and data privacy.

Amazon’s IMDb TV rebrands to Freevee as ad-supported video gains fans: Name change will highlight the service’s value and may help it better compete with Hulu.

Amazon’s IMDb TV rebrands to Freevee as ad-supported video gains fans: The name change will highlight the service’s value and may help it better compete with Hulu.

YouTube’s MLB deal is a reminder of its streaming power: A whirlwind of streaming news has mostly left YouTube out of the picture, but its dominance can’t be ignored.

The importance of intellectual property can’t be overstated: That’s what Warner Bros. Discovery is realizing, as it taps DC Entertainment to help it out of a huge financial hole.

Are recent video and gaming outages a sign of an overburdened infrastructure? The increase in high-resolution 4K video and demanding multiplayer games could be bogging down network connections.

CNN+’s rough launch shows consumers prefer entertainment-first streaming: Executive shakeups, distribution issues, and more have led to a tepid start.

Disney+ bets on “Dancing With The Stars” fans to boost subscriptions: Moving the flagship broadcast to streaming shows where Disney’s priorities are.

Personalization pays off with customers: Companies like Netflix see it as a priority, as the platform launches Two Thumbs Up to improve recommendations.