Netflix is playing catchup with its younger competitors: The platform began building livestream capabilities while competitors launch completed products.

Affordability and exclusivity give Disney+ an edge: The relative streaming newcomer is enjoying success thanks to bundling and blockbuster content.

Netflix speeds up its ad rollout, but uncertainty still swirls: An internal note shows Netflix preempting concerns that rushed ads could harm its brand.

Advertisers and platforms identify Hispanic media as a growth opportunity: TelevisaUnivision, NBCUniversal, and Canela are among the players looking to strengthen their relationships with this demographic group.

Apple wants a bigger slice of the digital ad pie: The tech giant is reexamining its services category for more streaming and advertising opportunities.

Franchise films carried AMC through the first quarter: A slew of superhero films boosted AMC ticket sales despite a COVID-19 surge

The recent influx of premium streaming services is changing the way people access movies and TV shows. In the US, 18% of US paid video subscribers purchase just one streaming service, down 17 percentage points from 2019. By contrast, 35% currently pay for four or more services, up 24 percentage points from three years ago.

Roku’s potential Starz deal shows how important content is becoming to streaming platforms: The company is looking to acquire a stake in the Lionsgate-owned cable network.

Roku is taking streamers on in the race for original content: The digital video firm announced new advertising tools and content that immediately gained traction.

On today's episode, we discuss what to make of Google's Q1 and what is behind YouTube's slowing growth. "In Other News," expect to learn about the future of the video streaming bundle and what kind of an impact the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery can have on the media world. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

As Reels grows up, its videos are getting longer: Instagram’s TikTok clone is expanding its length to improve its monetization strategy.

Apple’s shift away from tech doesn’t come at the expense of its brand: Once known for its sleek hardware, Apple is now focusing on media.

Apple survives supply chain shortages on way to post record sales: The company’s ability to navigate global shortages could be put to the test by prolonged pandemic-related factory shutdowns in China.

NBCU is searching for new standards in video advertising: The network is challenging competitors and bringing new solutions across the fragmented industry.

Almost one-quarter of US adult Netflix users aren’t paying to use the platform. The majority, or 63%, pay full cost, while 14% share the fee with other users. Netflix’s challenge is to figure out how to get freeloaders to pay their dues.

India is the next battleground in the streaming wars: Amazon Prime Video, Disney, and Netflix are fighting for dominance in the growing streaming market.

On today's episode, we discuss what to make of Netflix's user declines and whether adding commercials can help them. "In Other News," we talk about why CNN+ has already shut down. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Ross Benes and Daniel Konstantinovic.

Money is quickly pouring into TV measurement: iSpot, Nielsen, and more have been part of multimillion or billion-dollar deals as the space heats up.

Some of the most popular Instagram Reels are TikTok reposts: The platform is struggling to promote original content over those ripped from competitors.

Netflix’s quantity-over-quality approach to content may change: The service released over 500 originals last year, but few stuck the landing.