Social Media

WhatsApp’s messaging dominance comes to the fore as markets recover from Monday’s outage: The outage could lead to more international calls for scrutiny and regulation of the platform and its owner, Facebook.

Facebook’s whistleblower reveals herself, keeps controversy in the spotlight: Frances Haugen’s disclosures continue to damage the company’s reputation—and potentially its financial prospects.

YouTube Shorts is bringing its Shorts Fund to over 30 new countries: The platform is stressing the importance of original content as it goes up against TikTok for creators.

Facebook is going forward with its cross-app messaging integration: The company is aggressively integrating its apps despite being in the middle of an FTC lawsuit that aims to break up the services.

On today's episode, we discuss what to make of all of Twitter's new features, which ones will propel the social giant forward, and how Twitter might jumpstart its US user growth. We then talk about Facebook suspending plans for an Instagram app for children, how much Apple's privacy changes have affected its business, and whether the social media titan is serious about getting into hardware. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

YouTube is the latest social platform to crack down on vaccine misinformation: The company is one of many facing criticism for struggling to moderate the influx of health-related content.

Every quarter, we compile the most important product, commerce, and monetization developments for the major social platforms and explain what they mean for marketers.

On today's episode, we discuss whether TV can produce an event that gathers a mass audience without relying on sports or news, why Warby Parker is eyeing brick and mortar, why advertising's future is in 3D, how folks find things to stream, what to make of TikTok's 1 billion users milestone, the new corporate dress code and greeting etiquette, where the football huddle came from, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts Suzy Davidkhanian and Paul Verna and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

TikTok’s new marketing tools focus on customization and commerce: It’s taking steps to make advertisers feel comfortable on the platform and heavily push social commerce.

Twitter is turning tweets about climate change into a developer tool: The platform is branding #ExtremeWeather and other hashtags for weather events to offer developer insights into the real-time reactions to climate change.

Instagram Kids is on pause in the wake of critical reporting from The Wall Street Journal: The move suggests that Facebook hasn’t put in the necessary effort to prove that such an app is useful or important.

Twitter’s latest product road map updates put an emphasis on user experience and, of course, creators: The moves come amid increased competition from other major social players.

Bosworth’s promotion marks Facebook’s pivot toward a hardware-backed metaverse: The company’s head of VR and AR will replace Mike Schroepfer as CTO.

On today's episode, we discuss whether Facebook has reached a turning point, how people now feel about digital ads, if the world is ready for eSports endorsers or finance influencers (aka finfluencers), the pandemic pet boom, what we keep learning about customers' needs, how to make sure you treat in-office and remote workers fairly, a town with free alcohol, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analysts Nina Goetzen and Blake Droesch, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

High-level departures spell more trouble for Facebook: The company’s long-time CTO will step down next year as Facebook addresses a flurry of negative press.

On today's episode, we discuss where augmented reality (AR) lands on the gimmick to utility scale, what AR looks like beyond fashion and beauty, and what the Carolina Panthers' new mixed-reality mascot might mean for marketers. We then talk about what authentic social commerce really means, why Stories never worked out for LinkedIn, and what we expect the reaction to Twitter's Super Follows will be. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

Facebook’s Oversight Board flexes its power with a review of the company’s whitelisting system: The autonomous board has the potential to make life complicated for the social platform.

YouTube is the most popular platform for non-TV video content in the US, with 65% of the country’s short-form video viewers using the service to watch user-generated content, video game livestreams, and the like.

The popularity of news content on social media is on the decline: News consumption on social media is going down as changes forced by regulators begin to take effect.

Disney targets up-and-coming influencers for win-win growth strategy: The company's new Creators Lab will help smaller influencers grow their followings—and give Disney access to an audience that’s primed for its marketing.