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Facebook's Oversight Board will review Trump's deplatforming. This will be a critical first test of the self-regulatory solution to the platform’s content moderation challenges.

Influencer marketing is becoming ubiquitous among US marketers—it’s growing so quickly, in fact, that we’ve broken out influencer marketing in our forecast for the first time: We expect just over two-thirds (67.9%) of US marketers will use influencer marketing this year. But the medium’s rapid rise hasn’t allowed much time for marketers and platforms to adapt to the format. Marketers report having the most trouble with measurement and ROI.

Facebook's AI-driven automatic alt-text generator improves accessibility. That’s good for PR, and for the bottom line.

Time ticks away on TikTok: US consumers now spend more time on TikTok than other social apps, according to new App Annie data—and that’s not surprising given how they use the app.

Given 2020’s unprecedented stay-at-home public health crisis and the resulting spike in social network usage and time spent, Snapchat should have seen enormous user growth in Europe last year (as it did in several other regions). However, it looks like TikTok is drinking Snapchat’s milkshake across the Atlantic.

The eMarketer team deliberated extensively to select the 10 key digital trends to watch in 2021 from a list of 43. Which trends narrowly missed the cut? Here’s our first in a series of additional transformative developments that ought to be on your radar in the year ahead.

With many retail stores temporarily closed during the pandemic, and more consumers turning online to buy goods, major social networks have taken steps to improve their ecommerce offerings.

Twitter is wading deeper into audio interactions with the acquisition of Breaker, an app that allows users to socialize about podcasts.

Instagram users in Western Europe grew by an estimated 17.0% in 2020—three times higher than we expected in 2019—driven by both the pandemic and the rise of ecommerce on the platform.

China: As ByteDance’s international app TikTok navigates an uncertain political future abroad, its homegrown hit Douyin is having another banner year.

eMarketer principal analysts Mark Dolliver and Sara M. Watson, along with junior analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch, discuss the true power of the social media giants, how Gen Z viewers like to consume sports, Twitter leaning into audio, news use on social platforms, how the pandemic has reshaped children's screen time, why people get "red eye" in photos, and more.

TikTok continues its ascent, but Instagram is still king.

In 2021, we expect more major marketers will pull or severely restrict their ad spending on social media platforms due to brand safety or ethical concerns.

People rely on Facebook and Twitter for news, but they don't always trust it. As misinformation grows, so does advertiser wariness. We’ll likely see more ad pullback from social media in 2021.

Snap acquired location data startup StreetCred this week, a move expected to help fuel its push into local commerce through Snap Maps and other location-based features.

Not every marketer does influencer marketing, but a large majority do. In our first-ever forecast, we estimate that 67.9% of US marketers with 100 or more employees will use influencers for paid or unpaid brand partnerships in 2021.

eMarketer senior analyst Ross Benes, principal analyst Mark Dolliver, and junior analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch discuss Disney+'s price increase and content slate, Amazon's foray into healthcare, whether mothers are actually moving over to TikTok, if co-viewing is here to stay, whether Amazon can draw NFL fans with an exclusive stream, how to easily get people to agree with an essay, and more.

Never in the past two decades of social media history have the features, ad formats, and other business initiatives of the four major social platforms looked as similar as they do today.

It’s no secret that consumers in Latin America are notoriously heavy social network users; 87.1% of the region’s internet users will use a social network at least once a month in 2020, more than those in any other world region. Now, TikTok is benefiting from that love of online socializing where its blend of music, dancing, and video is attracting a fast-growing audience.

Data Privacy: A new legal challenge in the UK alleges TikTok has violated data protection laws regarding underage users, presenting another hurdle for the frequently controversial platform.