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Apple rakes in billions from games despite not making them: Despite record profits from games, the company is facing threats to its dominance on a number of fronts.

Over 70% of decision-makers said that events will include more robust digital components in the future, according to Forrester Consulting. Mike Dietrich, vice president of product marketing at Cvent, discusses with eMarketer editorial director at Insider Intelligence Rimma Kats, the key findings from the survey, and how organizations can prepare and invest in event marketing today.

Amazon announces “Black Friday-worthy” deals are starting earlier than ever: Following Prime Day 2020's success as a preamble to the holiday season, Amazon is rolling out discounts early—and competitors are following suit.

The Reflect card rewards on-time payments with extended 0% APR in a bid to pull consumers away from solutions like BNPL.

Cash-back credit cards could make themselves more appealing to prospective customers with a few key features.

As consumers have gotten more comfortable using debit cards online, US digital debit card spending has outpaced that of credit cards. Transaction value will fall in 2021, but we expect growth to return in 2022.

Instacart's Amazon hires are key to its plan to take on the triopoly: Though Instacart made a name for itself in grocery delivery during the pandemic, its long-term goals are centered on advertising—and it's aggressively poaching ad execs to achieve them.

YouTube Shorts is bringing its Shorts Fund to over 30 new countries: The platform is stressing the importance of original content as it goes up against TikTok for creators.

The one-click checkout provider made its solution available to publishers, display ads, entertainment venues, and smart TVs.

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us: brands are making strides in reaching out to this growing demographic at this time of year, but what about the other 11 months?