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Retailers should think twice before deleting negative reviews: Fast-fashion retailer Fashion Nova agrees to pay $4.2 million to settle allegations it suppressed less-than-stellar customer feedback.

The offering could pose a threat to mPOS hardware providers but helps Apple grab more in-store volume and bolsters its payments business.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Liz Hershfied, senior vice president and head of sustainability at Madewell, about how Madewell has repositioned itself to adopt sustainability into the brand’s ethos and the steps other retail companies should take to encourage sustainable shopping behaviors.

In China, ecommerce sales will make up a substantial share of 2022's total retail sales at 46.3%, while the UK and South Korea will round out the top 3, with 36.3% and 32.2% ecommerce shares, respectively.

Buyer's remorse intensified in 2021 as ecommerce adoption rose: High return rates are cutting into retailers’ margins and increasing inventory pressure.

Sephora DEI campaign delivers on several fronts: Its spotlight on Black-owned brands has paid off, resulting in positive consumer and social sentiments as well as a sales boost, the retailer told us in an interview.

On the company’s earnings call, CEO Steve Squeri added color to the issuer’s performance and addressed popular trends like BNPL and cryptos.

Conversational AI is becoming more integrated into consumers’ lives every year, as tech like retail bots and virtual agents continue to improve the customer experience.

The acquisition could give Zip a path into long-term financing and a user base boost as competition mounts and regulation looms.