In an attempt to woo younger consumers, Nike launches a virtual space on the Roblox platform: The immersive experience features physical interaction, mini games with rewards, and an environment modeled after Nike's headquarters.

Snap Map gets an upgrade, opening location-based ad opportunities: The upcoming Partnered Layers feature will work with Snapchat's existing map tools to give advertisers a less-creepy way to target local users.

TikTok’s new report on teen safety is part of an ongoing effort by the app to ease scrutiny: After Instagram’s bombshell report about teen health earlier this year, platforms like TikTok and Snap are racing to show regulators, users, and advertisers that they don’t share the same issues.

Activision Blizzard faces calls from fans, shareholders, and industry figures for its CEO to resign: Widespread backlash against the gaming company suggests that consumers are paying more attention to corporate social responsibility and ethics.

Instacart delays IPO plans to focus on broadening services: The company believes it may generate as much as $10 billion to $20 billion in annual revenues from its retail media network in the coming years.

Samsung Medical Center is becoming certified under HIMSS’ global standard for digital health transformation—we unpack why this could help it capture more health system and hospital customers.

Meta still tracking teens despite claiming it would limit how advertisers can target them: The company is accused of making misleading statements to the public and lawmakers.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, owns the top four mobile apps worldwide, with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram seeing the most cumulative downloads between Q1 2014 and Q3 2021.

Social media platforms are racing to attract creators with monetization tools to drive a social commerce wave: Instagram’s new creator subscriptions are a way for the platform to offer money to creators outside of brand deals.