Twitter’s ad-centric days aren’t over yet: The platform is still developing new advertising features that take user feedback into account.

Social media platforms in Australia could soon be on the hook for defamation or abuse posted by users: The country continues its year-long crackdown on Big Tech by proposing a measure which would force platforms to adopt new moderation policies, fast.

A new poll reveals Canada may join the US, the UK, and Australia in banning Huawei from the country’s 5G networks.

Twitter attempts to catch up to competitors’ advertising lead: The platform announced a few incremental improvements to its ad products—but will they be enough to compete with Facebook’s dominance?

Social media platforms are betting on social audio as part of the creator economy: Live audio is becoming less about the platforms that started the trend as more big firms launch creator-focused features.

Among mobile gamers in the US, more than half said they typically play smartphone games while watching TV.

T-Mobile may be running out of time to press its 5G advantage: The company plans to slash its home 5G internet service by 17% in an effort to grow its 5G subscriber count and pull users aways from traditional broadband.

What would it take for advertisers to leave Facebook? We posed that question to our analysts and industry sources. Take a sneak peek at our upcoming Facebook advertising forecast as well.

Snapchat’s new mental health initiative shows the image problem facing Big Tech: The platform and its competitors are racing to preempt regulator criticisms of their impact on teens in the midst of a battle for new users.

Twitter looks to diversify its revenue streams by selling MoPub to AppLovin: The deal comes in light of new revenue goals and ongoing changes to mobile ad tracking.

Four years from now, eMarketer estimates that mcommerce will account for over 10.4% of all retail sales in the US. To take advantage of that growth, retailers will need to double down on their efforts to find and serve a mobile audience.