Creator funds see mixed success: Social platforms offer more monetization tools than ever, but many content providers still struggle to get paid.

New York sports betting soars in first nine days of legalization: The rapid success could win over states like California, which is set to consider legalization in 2022.

Apple’s iCloud goes dark globally: Users are locked out of iMessage, Apple Mail, and other services, exposing the danger of running multiple services on the same cloud on an overburdened network.

5G might not be a problem for airplanes after all as FAA clears 78% of commercial aircraft: Remaining restrictions are scheduled to be lifted in six months, which might result in continued conflict.

Peloton faces an uphill battle as it struggles with weak demand: New reports paint a picture of a company in crisis, making an acquisition attempt likely.

Ohio manufacturing site could turn the tide for Intel: The new location will employ 3,000 and could inspire other chip manufacturers to jump on local government incentives and cheap land.

Could Google be planning a mixed-reality platform? There are reports of a new AR headset in the works, but the supporting platform and intended use case are still a mystery.

Fears of 5G flight interference intensify in East Coast winter storms: 5G could affect low-visibility landings during inclement weather, leading to delays and cancellations.

Instagram introduces subscriptions as it vies for control of the creator economy: As Instagram’s cachet diminishes among younger audiences, it hopes monetization tools will keep creators from turning to other platforms.

Marketers saw the potential of location data early and remain major users of it. But applications are expanding beyond marketing.

US airlines plan to cancel flights if AT&T and Verizon’s 5G expansion isn’t halted: Disruptions have wider consequences like stranded passengers and supply chain delays.

Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, publisher of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: The $68.7 billion deal will create a gaming behemoth but could face regulatory roadblocks.

Apple towers over today’s smartwatch and hearable markets, and it’s well-positioned atop the smartphone market.

Apple is deleting copycats of a popular word game that isn’t even on the App Store: Copycat apps have long plagued Apple’s storefront, which has faced heavy scrutiny in recent years.

Mobile app gaming has managed to hold on to its pandemic-driven success and then some, reversing our previous predictions that time spent gaming with mobile apps would decline in the US after 2020.

German carriers have accelerated deployment of 5G: Cooperation and standardized framework are key to speeding up 5G transition.

Social commerce is expected to reach more than $1 trillion in 2025: Platforms have invested heavily in the space, though consumers are still uncertain about its trustworthiness.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 featured a reimagined world of commerce and marketing: The products displayed in Las Vegas last week revealed new ways for marketers to blend the physical and virtual worlds.

Apple’s record App Store payouts reveal thriving app economy: Developers earned an unprecedented $60 billion in 2021, even as regulators targeted unfair app commission structure.