Media Buying

On today's episode, we discuss what this new Amazon TV is all about, how soon we can expect TV commerce, whether we'll see voice-enabled ads, and what the content play might be. We then talk about Peloton launching its own apparel brand, why lululemon is crushing expectations, and Amazon's cashierless technology coming to Whole Foods. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.

Televised football’s recovery calms broadcasters’ nerves: Viewership was up significantly compared with last year and even broke a record, providing hope for this fall’s TV lineup.

US adults spend significantly more time listening to terrestrial radio than to any other ad-supported audio format.

TransUnion acquires Neustar for $3.1 billion: The credit-scoring giant looks to expand into digital marketing via the identity resolution company.

In North America, TV is the dominant screen for viewing OTT video content, accounting for 82% of time spent on the activity in Q2 2021.

Amazon’s new smart TVs will disrupt both the connected TV (CTV) and TV measurement industries: Amazon Fire TV is already a major player, but its new CTV lines will let it take advantage of the ongoing fracturing of TV measurement.

B2B tech products and services, the largest sector of B2B advertising, saw a massive boost in the US as the pandemic increased demand across the tech industry.

On today's episode, we discuss why digital subscription growth is slowing, what's happening to publishers' digital ad revenues, and where their non-ad, non-subscription revenues are coming from. We then talk about how ads around print and digital news perform, whether targeting gets too much credit, and Nielsen's plans to cut ties with third-party cookies. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Audrey Schomer.

Facebook is challenged by iOS ad measurement problems: As it reinvents how it measures ad effectiveness, the platform could see some ad dollars shift elsewhere.

Vox Media puts a new spin on subscriptions: The publisher's acquisition of Hot Pod will allow it to experiment with premium, paid add-ons rather than paywalling the whole site.

Pandemic-era flexibility is out the window for Fox Sports ahead of Super Bowl 57: The company will sell Super Bowl ads 18 months ahead of the 2023 game in the hopes that the event's large audience will still draw advertisers.

In Q2 2016, Spotify was primarily an ad-supported platform among 25- to 54-year-olds in the US.

Android users spent more time watching TikTok than YouTube in the US: YouTube still reigns overall, but it could be ceding ground on mobile devices.

We spoke with Calum Smeaton, founder and CEO at cross-platform TV measurement firm TVSquared, about how advertisers are making their video spend work better for them and how direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands have led the way in this regard.

Around the world, mobile is the No. 1 device for watching YouTube, capturing 63% of the platform’s video views in Q2 2021.

On today's episode, we discuss how Disney+ stacks up against the competition and how Disney-owned Hulu and ESPN+ are getting on. We then talk about the Media Rating Council (MRC) taking its accreditation from Nielsen's measurement services, whether national TV ad minutes per hour are going up or down, and if Apple TV+ will ever be able to enter the real streaming wars conversation. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

The fall TV blitz may not be enough to undo new viewing habits: Broadcasters may not be able to reverse pandemic-era trends, and the number of new streaming services is putting a strain on viewers' wallets.

HBO Max launches standalone app for Vizio SmartCast TVs: The move is another indicator that the streaming service is focusing on distribution and reach.

China will enforce an even stricter gaming curfew for minors: The country's crackdown on Big Tech has lead to significantly reduced playtime for minors, spelling further trouble for Tencent and other conglomerates.