Financial Services

Monzo tweaks remittances feature: Four improvements the UK-based neobank has added to the user experience could make its customers even happier with its mobile app.

Incumbents and fintechs alike are launching teen investing accounts, and no amount of heightened regulatory pressure will stop them—here’s why.

Some customers became collateral damage from the US neobank’s initiative to fight fraudulent federal stimulus checks and unemployment insurance—which could hurt Chime’s efforts to attract users and persuade them to make it their primary bank.

The network’s $1 billion crypto-related spend total in H1 2021 points to an effective growth strategy—and serves as a harbinger of what’s to come.

Charles Schwab’s $200 million fine signals that the industry will face more regulatory pressure to provide greater transparency on fees and portfolio allocations and avoid conflicts of interest.

U.S. Bank hastens branch closures: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the bank saw digital adoption spike, and it now plans to accelerate its pre-planned branch closures—but it intends to keep in-person banking relevant by pushing complex services in person.

Insider Intelligence’s second annual Banking Digital Trust survey polled 2,412 US digital banking users in February and March 2021 on their attitudes toward their banks across six key dimensions of digital trust: Security, Privacy, Reputation, Reliability, Ease of Use, and Feature Breadth. Now, we present a new data cut in which we split respondents into two key groups: the Trusters and the Doubters.

Atom Bank passes £3B mortgage level: Amid a sizzling property market, the UK-based neobank completed more than £3 billion ($3.85 billion) worth of mortgages—a win that helps it stand out from fellow challengers.

The expense management fintech raised $150 million and will now target larger employers to fuel growth as the wider market heats up.

In just five years, the physical framework of banking will be “dead,” according to bank executives around the globe—supplanted by digital ecosystems and supported by emerging technologies.

BaaS fintech Toqio hits milestone €8M in seed funding: The European company offers products to financial institutions and non-financial corporates—giving incumbents another option to fast-track products and keep up with neobanks.

SMB-centric fintech Pleo becomes unicorn with $150M haul: The Denmark-based company hit a $1.7 billion valuation with its Series C round—and if it realizes its goal of 1 million users by 2025, it will be well-positioned to add a bank account.