Financial Services

In an exclusive Q&A with Insider Intelligence, Sathish Muthukrishnan talks about the human factor intertwined with the technology play of a digital-only bank.

Teen neobank’s grassroots marketing approach primes it for growth: Copper has brought in $13.3M in seed funding—and its strategy to prioritize word of mouth and relationships gives it a shiny future.

BofA, BMO wage boosts could improve recruitment and retention: US minimum-wage increases at both banks will lift hourly pay in October, helping them attract and retain workers in a tight job market.

After a year of strong premium growth, Ladder will seek licensing in more US states to underwrite policies without carrier partners.

Customer and security features in Microsoft’s cloud for banks will add to its appeal: The tech giant’s financial services cloud is about to launch officially—and its features may speed up new cloud partnerships with banks.

BofA’s deeper integration of fast-growing digital tools could yield more cross-sales: Tighter links between its Erica virtual assistant and the Life Plan financial management tool could prompt more frequent use and greater engagement with Life Plan.

Among executives at US banks, less than half believe their institution has tools in place to effectively serve millennials.

Curve follows most UK fintechs in focusing on broadening its product suite rather than making a profit, which has done little to deter backers.

After a leadership change and multiple delays, the tech giant won’t offer co-branded bank accounts through its digital wallet. But its Plan B could be a problem for banking as a service firms.

U.S. Postal Service’s pilot poses a banking-revival path: Services like check cashing and ATMs could help to fill gaps caused by banks’ branch closures. A fuller-fledged postal banking option would require Congressional action.