Advertising & Marketing executives discuss how Canada's online marketplace uses email to reach customers.

Claire Bara, vice president of marketing at Rona, discusses the issues the company faced after Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect.

Matt Minoff, senior vice president of digital platforms and strategy at Meredith Digital, discusses the different routes online publishers can take to foster an environment where consumers won't seek to install ad blockers.

Jeremy Hlavacek, vice president of global automated monetization at The Weather Company, discusses the environment that leads to consumers adopting ad blockers and why brands, advertisers and publishers have to listen to the concerns of their consumer base.

Omnichannel is quickly becoming the norm for digital video ad campaigns in Canada, research suggests.

The wealth of data available to digital marketers has enabled them to reach audiences in real time, whether through programmatic buying methods or other forms of real-time marketing.

Keri La Ra, director of global social media and digital compliance at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, spoke to eMarketer about how social listening drives engagement with loyalty group clients and informs the marketing budget.

The virtual reality (VR) market is skyrocketing in China, according to 2016 estimates. Revenues nearly quadrupled in 2015, and growth has not yet peaked.

Ashley Mainz, social business manager at Southwest Airlines, details how the company's Listening Center provides insights for the entire organization.

During the Super Bowl 50, viewers were glued to their TV sets—with their mobile devices nearby. A February 2016 survey found that mobile accounted for the largest share of searches related to Super Bowl ads.

Michael Tiffany, co-founder and CEO of digital advertising cyber security company WhiteOps, explains how the security industry sees ad blockers and the issues presented by malware and ad blockers.

Lauren Fitzgerald, managing director at The Mom Complex, details how mothers engage with social media, respond to ads and navigate other aspects of digital.

Interest in the internet of things (IoT) is increasing, but challenges still arise. According to January 2016 research, business executives said security was one of the top hurdles to growth.

Virtual reality may be in its early stages, but internet users are already interested in experiencing it, according to October 2015 research.

Augmented reality (AR) may provide new opportunities for marketers to tie digital campaigns to physical goods in Japan, research suggests. The vast majority of internet users in the country still have not tried it yet, though.

Josh Martin, director of digital and social media at Arby’s, spoke about how the quick-service restaurant chain’s logo, a hat, paved the way for a real-time engagement opportunity.

Lead in: Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications and social media strategist at JetBlue Airways, explained how social listening leads to “quality engagements” with customers.

Lizzie Schreier, director of web and social engagement at Allstate, discusses the insurance provider's three-pronged approach to social listening.

Marcy Cohen, MasterCard's vice president of digital communications, explains how the global payment provider uses social listening to find actionable engagements.

Matt Gentile, global director of social media at Century 21 Real Estate, explains how the company uses social listening to expand its international franchise network and help local sellers find potential buyers.