Advertising & Marketing

Ad agencies expand their ecommerce capabilities as brands ask for help: Publicis Groupe acquires ecommerce vendor Profitero while competitor WPP makes it easier for brands to sell D2C with a new end-to-end platform.

Roku’s potential Starz deal shows how important content is becoming to streaming platforms: The company is looking to acquire a stake in the Lionsgate-owned cable network.

Two years in, Meta’s latest ecommerce effort fails to resonate: Ecommerce could soften the blow to its ad business, but it’s struggling to catch on.

In a world that is—in some parts—quite literally on fire, marketers are meeting consumers' climate concerns with promises of sustainability.

Word of mouth trumps advertising: Intuit’s TurboTax massive deceptive ad settlement reflects a growing lack of trust consumers have in advertising.

Wordle gives The New York Times an ad revenue boost: The viral wordplay game has brought in millions of users and their advertising data.

Bipartisan bill strikes at Google’s ad dominance: The bill would ban companies that hit a revenue threshold from operating digital advertising exchanges.

High-speed, low voltage charging could be an EV game-changer: VW and BP’s chargers can be installed where higher voltage is not available, making them a viable retrofit option for petrol station

Virtual product placements are about to become big business: Both Amazon and NBCUniversal touted new ad units during the NewFronts.

Roku is taking streamers on in the race for original content: The digital video firm announced new advertising tools and content that immediately gained traction.

The number of smart buildings worldwide is projected to climb from 45 million this year to 115 million in 2026, an increase of more than 150%, as demand grows for secure, energy-efficient developments.

Chip factories could see delays: Now it’s the tools used to build chip fabs that are facing shortages. As new factories are delayed, the chip shortage will continue into 2024, resulting in scarcity and price hikes.

Land grab represents the power of virtual brands: Bored Ape Yacht Club’s creator, Yuga Labs, has arguably become the hottest brand in the NFT space.

Apple’s shift away from tech doesn’t come at the expense of its brand: Once known for its sleek hardware, Apple is now focusing on media.

Established brands—and not DNVBs—will drive the vast majority of D2C ecommerce sales.

Apple survives supply chain shortages on way to post record sales: The company’s ability to navigate global shortages could be put to the test by prolonged pandemic-related factory shutdowns in China.

Big data meets tiny diamonds: Researchers cracked the quantum computing storage puzzle with a diamond wafer containing an unprecedented amount of memory. But don’t expect to buy one anytime soon.

Google targets sensitive advertising categories: The search and display giant is allowing consumers to see fewer ads on certain topics, but who decides what’s sensitive and what isn’t?

NBCU is searching for new standards in video advertising: The network is challenging competitors and bringing new solutions across the fragmented industry.