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DC Comics is the latest to adopt NFTs, but their actual popularity remains questionable: The virtual collectibles are cropping up across industries, but adopters often face fan backlash due to the technology’s environmental impact.

The future of Google Search is going to be visual: The updates will make it increasingly difficult for competitors to make inroads.

Amazon could take steps backw with security drones and robots: The release of a controversial new in-home Ring drone could negate months of efforts by the company to soften its image and improve privacy practices.

Big Tech’s undersea cable expansion could trap it in a geopolitical crossfire: Facebook’s addition of Asian landing points will make its 2Africa undersea cable the world’s largest when it's finished.

US looks to set an example with Chinese telecom equipment reimbursements: The FCC’s $1.9B program will reimburse small US carriers for replacing banned Huawei and ZTE telecommunications equipment.

Tune in to our inaugural episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands. Today, eMarketer Briefing director Jeremy Goldman sits down with JibJab CEO Paul Hanges to discuss how the company—a leader in viral content dating back to 1999—listened to customer sentiment during the pandemic, improved its product, and reinvigorated its brand.

As digital transformation accelerates worldwide, growth in online shopping has created opportunities not only to reimagine brand relevance, but also to rethink the end-to-end customer experience. Dr. Tiffany Raymond, head of global customer advocacy, at PayPal, talks with eMarketer editorial director at Insider Intelligence Rimma Kats, about steps you can take to optimize your product, cart and checkout pages to help reduce cart abandonment, improve conversion, increase spend and boost customer loyalty.

Google will replace last-click attribution next month, making way for machine learning: Advertisers will be able to choose which measurement method they prefer.

As its search dominance comes under threat, Google tries to make a deal: The search giant is trying to strike agreements with Instagram and TikTok to add their videos to its search results.

The “metaverse” has become one of the hottest topics among marketers globally, especially after some major investments into the hardware and software segments by Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. And in China, tech companies are already staking their claim in the trend.

Many marketers have yet to fully understand the Hispanic consumer: advertising and film remain two areas where inclusion remains an opportunity

Google rolls out ad transparency tools as Big Tech criticism mounts: Giving users more info about the ads they see helps address companies violating Google’s policies and mitigates misinformation concerns.

Retail media ascendant: Third-party data deprecation and the rise of connected TV give retail media advertising an edge over other digital performance channels.

Internet freedoms declined yet again both in the US and abroad: Now, Big Tech will have to choose whether to continue making concessions to increasingly restrictive governments or turn away from markets altogether.

Internet users don’t love digital ads, but they don’t hate all formats equally. Consumer surveys have found it’s interruptive ads that frustrate users most: ads that take over the screen, prevent users from reading text, or force them to wait before a video plays, for example.

Retail media has revolutionized the search ad market, where most of the focus still is. But display and video ads that target consumers higher in the funnel are becoming a more important part of the mix, and technological innovation is ushering in new ad products that bring together the best of branding and the best of performance marketing.

On today's episode, we discuss how the delta variant has affected people's comfort levels doing various activities, what customers want retailers to do in response, and what Americans aren't willing to give up. We then talk about the COVID consumer trend most likely to stick, how brands advertise during tragedy, and what the short- (and long-) term future of events might be. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman.

Cable is getting in on the CTV rush: Comcast is planning to launch its own line of CTVs to attract cord-cutters and advertisers alike.