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Telegram could become serious competition for WhatsApp: The app's popularity only grows every time WhatsApp faces issues.

The company announced the last of its new lineup of Nest security cameras—but the tech trails behind Amazon’s Ring, which could cost it users.

Whistleblower Frances Haugen shed light on multiple regulatory solutions to rein in Facebook’s algorithms, which she blamed for a rise in misinformation and teen harm.

Twitch’s market dominance is under the microscope after a data breach exposes security flaws, payouts: More leaks could be on the way and could lead Amazon to face scrutiny from regulators and its own users.

On today's episode, we discuss which ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services Americans are using, why they're using them, and if these types of viewers are different from those using subscription video-on-demand (SVOD). We then talk about what livestream TV could do to help users sign up at a faster clip, how SVOD players can reduce churn, and what to make of Disney+ considering an ad-supported tier. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

The county’s Ministry of Science and Technology announced new regulations placing restrictions on AI circumscribed by six principles.

CivicScience launches Rulo, an ad targeting platform: Dependent on survey data, the solution taps into advertisers’ anxieties about targeting in a world with no third-party cookies.

WhatsApp’s messaging dominance comes to the fore as markets recover from Monday’s outage: The outage could lead to more international calls for scrutiny and regulation of the platform and its owner, Facebook.

Facebook’s whistleblower reveals herself, keeps controversy in the spotlight: Frances Haugen’s disclosures continue to damage the company’s reputation—and potentially its financial prospects.

Over 70% of decision-makers said that events will include more robust digital components in the future, according to Forrester Consulting. Mike Dietrich, vice president of product marketing at Cvent, discusses with eMarketer editorial director at Insider Intelligence Rimma Kats, the key findings from the survey, and how organizations can prepare and invest in event marketing today.

Instacart's Amazon hires are key to its plan to take on the triopoly: Though Instacart made a name for itself in grocery delivery during the pandemic, its long-term goals are centered on advertising—and it's aggressively poaching ad execs to achieve them.

On today's episode, we discuss what to make of all of Twitter's new features, which ones will propel the social giant forward, and how Twitter might jumpstart its US user growth. We then talk about Facebook suspending plans for an Instagram app for children, how much Apple's privacy changes have affected its business, and whether the social media titan is serious about getting into hardware. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us: brands are making strides in reaching out to this growing demographic at this time of year, but what about the other 11 months?

Direct satellite to phone connectivity could threaten traditional telecoms, but prohibitively expensive satellite launches mean that likely won’t happen anytime soon: Space startup Lynk successfully demonstrated a two-way link between an unmodified mobile phone and its satellite, which, if scaled, could be used to provide satellite internet anywhere on earth.