Advertising & Marketing

On today's episode, we discuss what this new Amazon TV is all about, how soon we can expect TV commerce, whether we'll see voice-enabled ads, and what the content play might be. We then talk about Peloton launching its own apparel brand, why lululemon is crushing expectations, and Amazon's cashierless technology coming to Whole Foods. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.

The company officially landed the UK end of its massive fiber cable bolstering connectivity between the US, UK, Spain.

House proposal would give the FTC oversight on privacy issues: The FTC’s battle with Big Tech may soon extend to data and privacy breaches if the proposal is approved.

Televised football’s recovery calms broadcasters’ nerves: Viewership was up significantly compared with last year and even broke a record, providing hope for this fall’s TV lineup.

On today's episode, we discuss what the direct-to-consumer (D2C) playbook 2.0 contains, which D2C players are the ones to watch, and which spaces are ripe for D2C disruption. We then talk about what people currently expect from a loyalty program, how much context really matters, and how to avoid treating customers like data points. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman.

Shopify lets merchants go worldwide: A new global commerce hub and a recent investment in marketing tools hint at Shopify’s future.

We spoke with Jürgen Galler, co-founder and CEO at data management platform 1plusX, about how the use of AI by publishers can help them traverse these challenges.

Salesforce report shows how small and medium-sized businesses have survived the pandemic: An increasing reliance on ecommerce and the benefits of community and government support is just one of many takeaways.

Top-down government intervention in China’s tech sector is not new, but the current blitz of new policy announcements is keeping even the most seasoned marketers on their heels.

For the iPhone, it’s looking to be an evolutionary—rather than revolutionary—product upgrade year. Apple beefed up processing power and added cinematic features to cameras, which could catch the interest of content creators, but overall specs fail to impress.

UK efforts to weaken GDPR may complicate international data standards: The country is moving forward on efforts to tone down the GDPR, which some lawmakers argue is stifling competition and innovation.

Quip’s $100 million raise says a lot about D2C's future: The channel is a powerful method to build a brand, but sustainable growth involves the use of retailers and other channels.

Millions of e-cigarette and vaping products go up in smoke: While Juul has been left on the market (for now), the FDA's decision could signal the end of a once red-hot consumer trend.

Mobile messaging app adoption accelerated in 2020, particularly in the early months of the pandemic, as housebound consumers sought out ways to stay connected with friends and family.

Amazon’s new smart TVs will disrupt both the connected TV (CTV) and TV measurement industries: Amazon Fire TV is already a major player, but its new CTV lines will let it take advantage of the ongoing fracturing of TV measurement.

B2B tech products and services, the largest sector of B2B advertising, saw a massive boost in the US as the pandemic increased demand across the tech industry.

Facebook is challenged by iOS ad measurement problems: As it reinvents how it measures ad effectiveness, the platform could see some ad dollars shift elsewhere.