German carriers have accelerated deployment of 5G: Cooperation and standardized framework are key to speeding up 5G transition.

New products and technologies announced at CES 2022: We break down outstanding trends and the most compelling Connectivity and Tech announcements from the show floor.

Unlocking the Wi-Fi 6 spectrum could ease the stress on remote workers’ networks: But the cost of compatible routers and devices might not be worth the incremental connectivity benefits.

AT&T, Verizon pushing through with 5G rollout despite FAA’s request for two-week extension: Carriers propose “exclusion zones” to dampen 5G’s interference of aircraft safety systems in airports.

Closing the digital divide and improving investment in emerging technologies have been on President Joe Biden’s tech policy agenda since he began his term. The long-awaited Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act finally passed through Congress in early November with bipartisan support, and it includes funding for increasing the affordability and adoption of high-speed internet in remote and underserved areas. Although not without its problems and compromises, the package provides a strong foundation for lowering the cost of connectivity across the country.

Emerging countries looking to upgrade their network infrastructure have become good starting points for expanding Big Tech’s network provider aspirations.

Android 12 Go can seal Google’s dominance of entry-level smartphones in emerging countries: An optimized version of Android could boost adoption by eliminating fragmentation and setting standards for affordable devices.

The telecom reported a net gain of 928,000 postpaid subscribers in Q3, more than double that of Verizon.

T-Mobile may be running out of time to press its 5G advantage: The company plans to slash its home 5G internet service by 17% in an effort to grow its 5G subscriber count and pull users aways from traditional broadband.

A new report shows how Black rural adults are nearly twice as likely as white rural adults to lack home internet access.