Consumers didn’t get the federal privacy law they wanted in 2021: A year ago, we predicted Congress would pass a federal privacy law, but gridlock in Washington and other priorities got in the way.

Headroom looks to disrupt Zoom fatigue with AI: The new videoconferencing tool integrates productivity and transcription functionality. Can it measure up against leading conference players?

Legislation paving the way for tech entrepreneurs in Spain: A new startup law aims to make it easier for technology startups and investors to thrive. Will the rest of Europe catch on?

Closing the digital divide and improving investment in emerging technologies have been on President Joe Biden’s tech policy agenda since he began his term. The long-awaited Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act finally passed through Congress in early November with bipartisan support, and it includes funding for increasing the affordability and adoption of high-speed internet in remote and underserved areas. Although not without its problems and compromises, the package provides a strong foundation for lowering the cost of connectivity across the country.

Emerging countries looking to upgrade their network infrastructure have become good starting points for expanding Big Tech’s network provider aspirations.

Facebook has a cyber mercenary problem: Meta blocks 1,500 Facebook and Instagram accounts that targeted over 50,000 users—potentially the tip of a wider surveillance iceberg and another smear on Facebook’s reputation.

Ford to offer EV charging, telematics as a service: Covering EV pain points can help Ford gain a foothold in the commercial EV market and lead to wider adoption by government and businesses.

Android 12 Go can seal Google’s dominance of entry-level smartphones in emerging countries: An optimized version of Android could boost adoption by eliminating fragmentation and setting standards for affordable devices.

Google ramps up mobile AR efforts: This could be the push for Google Glass for the masses, opening up competition with Meta and Apple’s wider AR and VR.

GM’s Silverado EV truck on track for 2023 production: 400-mile range in a full-size electric truck could accelerate shift to EVs—if pricing and battery concerns are addressed.

A new FTC complaint against Amazon alleges anticompetitive advertising and search practices: The company came under fire earlier this year for its biased search results, but the complaint comes as the issues stack higher and higher for the firm.

Amazon fined again in Italy: The ecommerce giant faces a $1.3B fine for forcing sellers to use its logistics services—underscoring a pattern that could lead to heightened regulator reprisal.