TSMC makes big investment to meet surging chip demand: Chip leader looks to spend at least $40 billion to expand production capacity in 2022, before competing chip fabs become operational.

EV sales are up 100% YoY: With a wider variety of model types, EVs are on track to overtake gas-powered vehicles by 2025. But can the charging infrastructure support the boom?

The pandemic and global chip shortage can’t slow surging PC sales: Demand is expected to continue to meet remote work and school requirements.

Meta’s workplace culture is suffering: Facebook’s parent company dropped 36 spots on Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work in the US and plummeted in another ranking by a nonprofit.

The new year brings new antitrust roadblocks for Big Tech: Meta is facing opposition from the FTC, and Google is feeling pressure from the EU.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 featured a reimagined world of commerce and marketing: The products displayed in Las Vegas last week revealed new ways for marketers to blend the physical and virtual worlds.

Apple’s record App Store payouts reveal thriving app economy: Developers earned an unprecedented $60 billion in 2021, even as regulators targeted unfair app commission structure.

Chinese startups defied growing government regulation in 2021: Record investments point to strong momentum and confidence in tech and innovation.

Google sees RCS messaging standard as the best way to unite blue and green bubbles: Apple maintains iMessage as its competitive advantage.

Semiconductor sales are expected to normalize after a record-setting 2021 predicated by various shortages and extended gaps between orders and deliveries.

AT&T, Verizon capitulate to FAA request by shutting off 5G at 50 airports: The move gives government agencies and carriers time to study the impact of C-band expansion on airplanes.

Intel ramps up chip design efforts by hiring Apple’s chip engineer: Apple’s loss is Intel’s gain in 2022, which is poised for intensified silicon competition.

2021 was a year of reckoning across various industries due to the worsening chip crisis. Chip and component supplies ran dry, exposing weaknesses in supply chains, while manufacturers scrambled to adjust product lines.

Facebook, now Meta, has pushed the idea of the metaverse into the mainstream. Investment into the still-novel concept, which has seen resources poured into augmented reality and virtual reality devices, is driving the top five tech trends for the year ahead.

Tesla remains king of EVs thanks to exponential growth, despite the chip crisis: Strong sales in China and Europe propelled growth, but safety worries and expensive recalls taint Tesla’s rise.

Smart speakers are most commonly used for general knowledge, with 31.4% of US internet users asking these devices general questions.

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We look at 2021’s biggest tech flexes that changed the landscape of business or left us scratching our heads. The year saw Facebook meta-morph into a VR-focused platform, Clubhouse rise and fall, Amazon convert 60 million smart speakers into a giant Wi-Fi network, and more.