Brain computing interface applications find niche in healthcare and patient rehabilitation: New trials could generate further investment as fringe tech makes its way to the mainstream.

Carmakers team up to pivot to EVs: Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi bet $25.8B on five new EV platforms shared across brands. This could yield EV standards as the world pivots to electric.

US chip fabs struggle as inventories drop to just five days: Dark days are ahead as demand is up 17% but relief is likely months or even years away.

Intel scores rare antitrust win against European Commission: Regulators criticized for failing to provide sufficient evidence in $1.2B case. Ruling could serve as a rallying point for other Big Tech companies battling antitrust suits.

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Regulator reprisal could lead to Nvidia ending pursuit of Arm: Cancellation of $40 billion acquisition could be a red flag for Big Tech mergers in 2022.

New Tesla batteries promise to boost EV range by 15%: Panasonic’s partnership with Tesla makes it a key EV battery producer for other companies making the electric shift.

Three billion fraudulent emails go out globally each day, often aimed at unleashing cyberattacks on companies of all types.

Ohio manufacturing site could turn the tide for Intel: The new location will employ 3,000 and could inspire other chip manufacturers to jump on local government incentives and cheap land.

Europe’s aging population could kickstart automation transformation by 2040: Robots can do the job but they aren’t going to pay taxes.

Big Tech and government regulators set to clash over new merger guidelines: Industry lobbying and legal delays could outlast current crop of antitrust crusaders.

China’s computing cloud gets bigger thanks to backing of Big Three telecoms: Computing power is Beijing’s new global strategy focus, and it’s quickly catching up with the US.

NFTs in video games aren’t a done deal: Fan backlash and the nature of gaming technology would require unprecedented collaboration between developers.

Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, publisher of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: The $68.7 billion deal will create a gaming behemoth but could face regulatory roadblocks.

Apple towers over today’s smartwatch and hearable markets, and it’s well-positioned atop the smartphone market.

Has Tesla’s Cybertruck missed its chance? Announced in 2019, the EV is now slated for a 2023 launch in what could be a very crowded EV truck space.

White House calls major tech firms to a summit: Last month’s widespread log4j vulnerability drew the attention of national security officials who are now looking to plug holes in major software systems.

Google buys UK offices for $1B: As the rest of the world works remotely, Big Tech continues buying up real estate in preparation for growth and expansion.