Winter Olympics provide Beijing the opportunity to scrub China’s internet clean: The door to a free and open Chinese internet is closing fast as regulators aim to reshape the Great Firewall of China.

Intel scores rare antitrust win against European Commission: Regulators criticized for failing to provide sufficient evidence in $1.2B case. Ruling could serve as a rallying point for other Big Tech companies battling antitrust suits.

Regulator reprisal could lead to Nvidia ending pursuit of Arm: Cancellation of $40 billion acquisition could be a red flag for Big Tech mergers in 2022.

US political advertisers will splash out $8.8 billion on video in 2022, close to the record $9.5 billion spent in 2020, despite this year marking a midterm rather than presidential election.

Europe’s aging population could kickstart automation transformation by 2040: Robots can do the job but they aren’t going to pay taxes.

Big Tech and government regulators set to clash over new merger guidelines: Industry lobbying and legal delays could outlast current crop of antitrust crusaders.

China’s computing cloud gets bigger thanks to backing of Big Three telecoms: Computing power is Beijing’s new global strategy focus, and it’s quickly catching up with the US.

US airlines plan to cancel flights if AT&T and Verizon’s 5G expansion isn’t halted: Disruptions have wider consequences like stranded passengers and supply chain delays.

EV sales are up 100% YoY: With a wider variety of model types, EVs are on track to overtake gas-powered vehicles by 2025. But can the charging infrastructure support the boom?

Facebook is back in the FTC’s sights: The social media giant’s acquisition strategy is under scrutiny as the next wave of antitrust legislation rears its head.

Chinese startups defied growing government regulation in 2021: Record investments point to strong momentum and confidence in tech and innovation.

AT&T, Verizon capitulate to FAA request by shutting off 5G at 50 airports: The move gives government agencies and carriers time to study the impact of C-band expansion on airplanes.

Google infringed on five Sonos smart speaker patents: The ITC blocks import of Google products that violate Sonos IP after ruling.

Legislation paving the way for tech entrepreneurs in Spain: A new startup law aims to make it easier for technology startups and investors to thrive. Will the rest of Europe catch on?

DJI dinged with investment ban that could lead to loss of US business: Its products aren’t banned yet, but that could change unless it can prove it operates ethically.