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Spotify picks Joe Rogan over Neil Young: The streaming service’s inability—or unwillingness—to balance listener safety and creator freedoms could hinder its growth.

Amazon’s expanded agreements with Universal Music Group chip away at long-standing tensions: Creators on Twitch have grown increasingly frustrated with harsh music rebroadcasting rules.

On today's episode, we discuss the fallout from Netflix's Q4 earnings and what the immediate future looks like for the streaming giant. We then talk about what to expect from NBC's overlapping broadcasts of this year's Super Bowl LVI and Beijing Winter Olympics, along with what to make of streaming players focusing their attention on kids' shows. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

Peacock gained ground in Q4 while other streaming services dug in: NBCUniversal’s service attracted new viewers to its free, ad-supported tier.

Global cloud adoption increased by 25% in 2021: Study reveals that security, managing complexity, and compliance still fall behind as businesses rush to migrate to the cloud during the pandemic.

A sneak peek into the “healthcare metaverse”: Crozer Health is the first hospital to integrate smart glasses in its first response operations. We detail how the glasses work and how tech like it could be at the helm of the “healthcare metaverse.”

CBS News revamps its streaming service: With audiences moving away from linear TV, the broadcast giant hopes its reputation and access to exclusive news content will be enough to lure viewers.

ES: Pricing, performance, and ease of use dictated who owned the market in the early days of personal computing. Today, VR ecosystems and platforms continue that trend as the metaverse takes shape: Consumers, developers, and content producers will eventually decide the future of the metaverse, but they will be limited by hardware’s capabilities. We look at the state of VR hardware, the key players, and how gaming could serve as a gateway to VR/AR adoption.

Ohio manufacturing site could turn the tide for Intel: The new location will employ 3,000 and could inspire other chip manufacturers to jump on local government incentives and cheap land.

Could Google be planning a mixed-reality platform? There are reports of a new AR headset in the works, but the supporting platform and intended use case are still a mystery.

NBCUniversal reduced Winter Olympics ratings expectations: Its broadcast strategy is changing after last year’s tepid Summer Games.

Retail ventures into the metaverse: Sentiment at annual industry show suggests the metaverse may already be too big to fail.

Sony, Microsoft find middle ground on Activision Blizzard acquisition: Microsoft said it will keep the crucial Call of Duty series available on PlayStation.

Spotify’s grip on audio streaming is under threat: The company’s podcast acquisitions have failed to attract younger listeners.

NFTs in video games aren’t a done deal: Fan backlash and the nature of gaming technology would require unprecedented collaboration between developers.

Leaders from Pandora, Roblox, Riot Games, and more are banding together to make the metaverse safer: Lack of Big Tech support could make implementation impossible.

Netflix counts on increased subscriber revenues to subsidize higher content costs: As the US streaming market matures, the company banks on hits like “Squid Game” to keep viewers from jumping ship.

Xbox makes nearly $70 billion bet on Activision Blizzard: Microsoft moves in just as the maker of Candy Crush and Overwatch saw slumping sales due to misconduct allegations.

Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, publisher of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: The $68.7 billion deal will create a gaming behemoth but could face regulatory roadblocks.