Clarify Health makes VBC easier to deploy: Its Apervita acquisition streamlines the implementation of value-based contracts for payers and providers—key to driving widespread VBC in the US health system.

The news: Anthem is teaming up with Emory Healthcare’s Innovation Hub and 11Ten Innovation Partners to develop 5G-enabled digital health solutions, like remote patient monitoring tech.

On the back of Cerner’s Q2 rosy revenue reporting, we unpack how it can win the market share tug-of-war with Epic over the next few years with its more affordable options for small hospitals.

Monitoring adhesives could stick out in the RPM market: Remote monitoring startup BioIntelliSense scored $45M for its vital monitoring stickers—here’s why less-frillywearable products like itcould carve a sticky spot in the ballooning remote patient monitoring market.

Telehealth stands stronger with DTx than alone: Amwell is acquiring digital mental health therapeutics company SilverCloud and automated virtual care firm Conversa Health, signalling a new chapter in telehealth.