Invoking the Defense Production Act may be an imperfect but necessary step towards fixing the chip shortage: The Biden administration is split on using the Cold War-era law.

Law enforcement officials claim a Model X with Autopilot engaged injured five police officers—more fuel forregulators’ growing scrutiny of Tesla.

Silicon batteries could resolve lithium-ion battery shortage and save carmakers money: Researchers created a solid-state silicon battery they say lasts longer and charges faster than lithium-ion batteries.

EV recycling could be a win-win for recycling startups and carmakers: Ford’s $50M investment in Redwood Materials creates a partnership to build a US-based battery supply chain.

The UK’s digital advertising industry weathered the pandemic remarkably well. Among the industry sectors we track, digital ad spending will rise across the board (which was not universal last year), but these patterns of growth will fluctuate wildly across categories.

Tesla may need to expand eye-tracking tech for inattentive Autopilot drivers: A new study may confirm that Autopilot users aren’t paying enough attention to the road—which compounds scrutiny the automaker is already facing amid plans to expand its driverless features.

GM will extend its Bolt EV production delay due to a battery pack shortage. Increased demand for EVs may only aggravate the problem.