How shopping in 2021 will differ, returns experiences, and Facebook Live Shopping Dec 3

Business Insider Intelligence research analyst Daniel Keyes and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman discuss what shopping will look like next year: How quickly shoppers will return to stores, which brick-and-mortar stores will be left, and what the most popular payment methods will be. They then talk about consumers losing patience with Peloton, what shoppers want from returns experiences, and Facebook's new live in-app shopping feature.

Snapchat's rapid growth this year will be driven largely by older users, as the app has already achieved more than 80% penetration among younger users.

Amazon will earn over $14 billion in net US digital ad revenues this year

Amazon’s ad revenues along with its retail sales have increased as consumers continue to shift to ecommerce at elevated rates.

Toni Schmelzle, senior marketing manager, team lead, US SMB acquisition at SAP Concur, talks with Rimma Kats, executive editor at eMarketer, about how the company shifted their strategy without the impact of bad data.

More than a third of US adults are concerned about their investments

US adults share a variety of personal finance concerns amid the pandemic-induced recession.

US digital ad spend will make up 51% of total ad dollars, a 'bright spot' in 2020

GroupM estimates that digital will make up 51% of total US ad spend, a rare “bright spot” that has been a boon for Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

The programmatic ad market in Canada will be flat in 2020, but it still makes up more than four-in-five digital display dollars, per our latest ad spending forecast. The pandemic’s impact on overall ad spending was evident in stagnant programmatic digital display ad spending, which is expected to grow just 0.6% in 2020 after several strong years of growth.