Short-form video apps arrived in China in early 2017 and have established themselves as viable entertainment options, allowing users to create content in 15- and 60-second spurts. In fact, we estimate that average daily time spent with short-form video among mobile internet users has risen from 9.9% of total mobile internet time in Q3 2018 to 13.5% in Q2 2019. Meanwhile, time spent on over-the-top (OTT) apps experienced a slight decline.

eMarketer global director of public relations Douglas Clark reveals our first-ever forecast for mobile reddit users in the US and the platform’s new live streaming feature.

eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco explores our latest adoption numbers for Snapchat worldwide and the impact of face filters that went viral.

Aptly named D2C brand Brandless, an online purveyor of minimalist grocery, wellness and home goods, has oriented its brand around the rise of digital-first shoppers who prefer products that include fewer, more natural ingredients. These shoppers have an evolving view of brands and don’t harbor any particular affinity for household names they grew up with.

eMarketer forecasting analyst Peter Vahle discusses our latest adoption figures for Snapchat in India, Indonesia and Japan, and the success of recent platform additions.

China has proven to be a hotbed for digital innovations, especially in the past few years. During this time, marketers worldwide have observed the latest trends coming out of the country, applying what they learn to their own markets.

A lot has happened in the retail space in the past 12 months. Nordstrom opened up its flagship store in New York City around the same time that brick and mortar veterans like Barney’s are closing up shop. More consumers got comfortable with buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS)—especially as more brands adopted the service—and retailers such as Banana Republic and Bloomingdale's rolled out their own clothing rental services hoping to gain mass market appeal.

Social networks are no longer what they used to be. Case in point: The rise of short video-app TikTok in 2019 is a sure sign that what defines a social network will be very different in 2020.

In the beginning of her tenure as Pinterest’s first-ever CMO, Andréa Mallard established the company’s mission and core brand principles, reorganizing her team prior to the successful IPO. Now she’s focused on an aggressive global growth plan.

eMarketer global director of public relations Douglas Clark compares our latest US adoption figures for young adults on Facebook against those of its sister platform Instagram and fierce competitor Snapchat.

Three of the most common key performance indicators (KPIs) for email are still open rate, clickthrough rate and click-to-open rate. But figures from email service and marketing technology providers show variations in those KPIs in North America depending on a variety of factors, including geography, industry, seasonality and the types of email messages being sent.

Consumers are becoming more cognizant of their spending, some even considering financing high-ticket purchases in an effort to not spend all their money in one transaction.

eMarketer senior analyst Jasmine Enberg and junior analyst Blake Droesch discuss one thing that summed up 2019 for each of them, as well as some of their predictions for 2020, focusing on social entertainment.

Three and a half years ago, the UK voted to leave the EU. The country then plunged into a deep depression, cities were razed and the ad industry collapsed into a heap of self-loathing—actually, maybe not. While things are not great, they’re not as bad as some feared.

eMarketer senior analyst Paul Briggs discusses one thing that summed up 2019 for him, as well as some of his predictions for 2020, focusing on video streaming and TV viewing in Canada.

eMarketer junior forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam breaks down our latest US Pinterest user forecast and the impact of new features like “Shop the Look.”

This past year, we sat down with several retailers to learn more about their marketing efforts, the channels they rely on most, and how they’re adapting to the continuous change in consumer behavior.

eMarketer forecasting analyst Peter Vahle discusses our latest Facebook adoption numbers for France and Germany, and why continued losses are expected through 2023.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch and vice president of content studio Paul Verna talk about a potential Facebook injunction, Hulu binge ads, YouTube's ads of the year, Lyft's new car rental service, Pandora voice ads, Google's top searches of 2019 and more.

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses one thing that summed up 2019 for him and some of his predictions for 2020, focusing on the delivery wars.