It’s Citibank vs. Afterpay (and Square) in a Rumble Down Under: The bank’s launch of a BNPL product in Australia sets up Citibank against Afterpay, whose pending merger with Square gives the combined company potential as an Australian SMB-focused neobank.

Back to not-so-normal: Marketers may have jumped the gun a little on optimistic “back to normal” ad campaigns, which are starting to look inappropriate as another wave of COVID-19 cases emerges.

Facebook's WhatsApp conundrum: Still struggling to monetize WhatsApp, the tech giant is looking for a way to analyze users' encrypted messages without decrypting them.

The branded content ball starts rolling: WarnerMedia’s new content studio “House of Max” follows other companies like NBCU and Roku, which have started blurring the lines between commercials and TV shows with brand-sponsored and co-created content.

The Spot card’s vast acceptance network could make Citi a formidable player in the BNPL space and threaten business for incumbent players like Afterpay and Klarna.